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The Committee would like introduce it's new Political Officer, John Parry, to the Branch.


Croeso - Welcome

The CWU North Wales and Chester Combined Branch covers some of the most spectacular scenery to be found in Wales.

The area includes the beautiful Snowdonia mountains, the coastal beaches of Anglesey, Rhyl, Llandudno, Colwyn Bay and the Llyn peninsula.

The Branch also includes the city of Chester which is one of the most picturesque towns of England. The town is encircled by ancient, mainly Roman walls, entered by four gates. The city’s landmarks also include many medieval half-timbered buildings.

The CWU North Wales and Chester Combined Branch was formed from the former North Wales Engineering and the Dee Valley Branches in September 2003. The Branch represents some 780 members across the Branch area.


The Branch policy is now not to take up personal cases or issues for non-members; or problems for members that happened before they joined. We have though usually given verbal advice to non-members on the understanding that they will join the union. Unfortunately even this last service is now being abused by non-members. We are receiving an increasing number of calls from non-members seeking advice but who then do not join. Some have even rung on a number of occasions.

The Branch Committee has therefore agreed the policy that no assistance or advice will be given to any non-member until an application for membership has been received, and they have been a member for at least 1 month prior to their requiring support.

The above decision had been deemed necessary because the time allowed for Branch Officers to carry out their duties is calculated by BT on the number of BT members in the Branch. This time is limited.

Important Information

From 21/04/2013 until 29/04/2013 the main office will be not be manned due to conference. Please use the following contacts in the fist instance.

Ronnie Edwards

Tel: 07580964605

David Harrison

Tel: 07560964164

Ian Hart

Tel: 07887414398

Colin Jones

Tel: 07885108459

Social Networking

You can now get the latest updates from the Union on Facebook or Twitter, click on the Like button to have updates posted to your Facebook News Feed, or by following us @NWC_CWU on Twitter. Please note you must not access these during work time.

21/06/12 New Updates

Severe Weather Recovery Plan 26/06/2012

Operate at the Olympics 24/05/2012

Flyer for the Violence against Women seminar 24/05/2012

Food for Guide Dogs 24/05/2012

Bite Back Campaign 24/05/2012

Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group’s new report 09/05/2012

Womens Conference Details 08/05/2012

Service Management Grading 08/05/2012

BT Sick and Performance conference motion and Slide pack 30/04/2012

BT Pay Review 18/04/2012

Impact of Additional BT Pay Award on tax credits 18/04/2012

Openreach Agency Conversions 18/04/2012

Openreach Grading 18/04/2012

Institution of Occupational Safety and Health 18/04/2012

Opinion Poll on Health and Safety 18/04/2012

Control of Asbestos Regualations 10/04/2012

Northern Ireland Network Investment and Resourcing 05/04/2012

BT Operate and Openreach Exchange build working 19/03/2012

International Day Against Homophobia - Weekend School on 18/05/2012 - 09/03/2012

Openreach Resource Plans 08/03/2012

Branch Nominations Carried at Branch AGM 08/03/2012

International Women's Day 08/03/2012

Changes to Domestic Violence Laws Petition 29/02/2012

Next Meeting at to be held at Chester Rugby club, 05/03/2012 7:30PM (click for Location)

BT Pay Update No3 27/02/2012

Dangerous Dogs Petition 27/02/2012

Dangerous Dogs Evidence 27/02/2012

Urgent Swansea Valley Miners Appeal Fund 23/09/11

Safety Guidance when working with Heavey Lids 07/09/2011

Pension Calculation Petition 23/08/2011

Urgent Appeal for Riot Help 18/08/11

NEC Election Results 17/08/2011

Performance and Sick Absence Management in BT 16/08/2011

Openreach Pole and Climb Safety Checks 12/08/2011

Message of Support to 999 workers 10/08/2011

BT Pension Scheme Update 05/08/2011

Solidarity through Cycling 02/08/2011

BT Fleet Registered Disagreement 29/07/2011

NEC Elections Update 18/07/2011

BT Operate Q2 Efficiency Plans 08/07/2011

BT Pension Scheme Trustee Report 2010 08/07/2011

Next Meeting on Monday 25th July at Chester Sailing Club - Click for Directions

Changes to Retirement policy (applicable for those retiring before 30/09/2011) 05/07/11

CWU Youth Advisory Committee - Election of Chair and Vice Chair 04/07/2011

OR Service Delivery Resource Pool 04/07/2011

Letters To Branch Section Updated 15/05/11

Alternative Vote 06/04/11

Christmas and New Year Attendance Rosters 16/12/10

Openreach New Year and Christmas Arrangements 16/12/10

David Cameron Demonstration 16/12/10

Snow and Ice Policy 16/12/10

H&S 16/12/10

BT Pension Crown Court Ruling 27/10/10

Compulsory Overtime in Openreach 27/10/10

BT Pay Review/Consultative Ballot 05/08/10

BT Pay Ballot Result

The consultative ballot of CWU members on the BT Pay offer for all Team Member NewGRID grades closed today (5th August) and the result is as follows:

Accepting the pay offer....24,017 (86.6% of valid vote)
Rejecting the pay offer....3,709 (13.4% of valid vote)

The CWU has confirmed acceptance of the pay offer, which is backdated to 1st January 2010 and will be implemented in August salaries.

Compulsory Overtime for Openreach 05/08/10

Health and Safety concerns for Vauxhall Vans 05/08/10

Contact with Rats 05/08/10

BT Pay Review/Consultative Ballot 19/07/10

The consultative ballot on BT's final pay offer for NEWGRID Team Members will open on 22nd July 2010 and will close following the first post on 5th August 2010.

Ballot papers will be dispatched first class from 21st July and members will have the option of voting online or by post.

If the offer is accepted, it will be implemented in August salaries

Please find attached links to letters to members and pay campaign bulletins.

Letters to Members

BT Pay 2010 letter 09.07.10
BT Pay Campaign Letter 05 July 2010
BT Pay Campaign Letter 18 June 2010
BT Pay Campaign Letter 10 June 2010
BT Pay Campaign Letter 04 June 2010
BT Pay Bulletin No. 8 2010 - 15 April
BT Pay Review 2010 - 7 April 2010

BT Pay Campaign 2010 Bulletins

Bulletin No. 5 - 26 May 2010
Bulletin No. 4 - 19 May 2010
Bulletin No. 3 - 11 May 2010
Bulletin No. 2 - 04 May 2010
Bulletin 1 - 23 April 2010

For further information, queries or comments, email btpay2010@cwu.org

BT Pay Review 06/05/10

A meeting regarding the Pay Rise will be taking place Monday May 10th at The Crown Inn, Llay, Wrexham (LL12 0NT).

There will be a guest speaker from the CWU National Executive so please come along and get your voice heard.

Click Here for a poster that you can put up on our behalf

BT Pay Review Update 04/05/10

CWU Elections 04/05/10

BT Operate: Field Engineering Change to Performance Year for Team Members and Impact on CTC Selection 04/05/10

BT Operate Voluntary Redundancy Trial 04/05/10


Important BT Pay review update 26/04/10: click the links below for the latest

Word File Format

PDF Format


BT Pay Bulletin 08/04/10- Click here to see the latest

Note to members: We are currently experiencing a lot of problems concerning Pay Roll. If you have had any issues with the Pay Roll department, please contact us ASAP

Due to possible industrial action, can you PLEASE all make sure we have your correct personal details on our records. If we do not have your right name and address, please contact the branch for us to amend ASAP.

Openreach Attendance Patters 21/03/10Document1 Document 2

Youth Conference 21/03/10

Pay and Domestic Hours 21/03/10

Service Delivery 21/03/10

BT PAY REVIEW 11/03/10

Electric Heaters in BT Exchanges 11/03/10





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